Kibana Unreachable from Network, Only local

Just installed ELK 6.7 on a single node and it's working fine with the exception of Kibana. I can get to Kibana if I access it from a browser on the localhost but from a remote browser it times out. I have in kibana.yml set to the IP address of the node.

[root@elk ~]# netstat -an | grep 5601
tcp 0 0 10.xx.xx.81:5601* LISTEN

Using curl I get:

[root@elk ~]# curl http://localhost:5601
curl: (7) Failed connect to localhost:5601; Connection refused

I get no results from this command:

[root@elk ~]# curl http://10.xx.xx.81:5601

Firewalld is off. Any ideas what I'm missing here?

If you need Kibana to be available on the external IP and localhost, use

Sorry, but what does "no results" mean? If you run the curl in verbose mode, do you see any headers? There should be an initial 3xx redirect header to take to you /app/kibana or the Login page.

If you still need help, can you provide the server section of your kibana.yml and copy/paste what you see in the console for test commands?

Thank you for replying. A reboot of the node fixed the issues I was having. However, thank you for clarifying the use of

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