Does anyone know if it is possible to change the 'kibana' text in Kibana URL to different name? We are using Kibana 6.3.0 version.

This app name is the technical id of the core Kibana app - timelion e.g. has a separate one. It is baked in very deeply into the code, so you would have to create a fork of Kibana, change all occurences and build Kibana yourself to make it work.

The most important ones are and, but it might be hardcoded in other places too.

"kibana" text change "want"

I made these changes.
The following warnings are displayed.

FATAL Error: Unmet requirement "kibana" for plugin "elasticsearch"

{"statusCode":502,"error":"Bad Gateway","message":"connect ECONNREFUSED"}

Yes, the elasticsearch plugin is referencing the Kibana plugin - you also have to change the name in There are probably much more errors like this, you have to go through them one by one as doing something like this was not intended in any way.

exactly,Now error

FATAL Error: Unmet requirement "kibana" for plugin "ml"

The same solution applies there, just fix the errors as they occur ( )

I changed the all file.
this is the last error
Error: Unknown config key: kibana.index

error url path: kibana-6.3.0/src/server/config/config.js

The config key in your yml file is probably want.index now (remember, you renamed the plugin). Of course that also means you have to change all cases of kibana.index in all of Kibana to want.index (and there are other config keys that also start with kibana and have to be treated the same way: )

I changed kibana.yml file.

#kibana.index=".kibana" ,


ıt is give exactly error:
Error: Unknown config key: kibana.index

There are also a lot of kibana.index references in the code, you also have to change those.

I changed "kibana.index" all files .

now error

Error: Unknown config key: kibana.defaultAppId

I run without error.
but browser eroor
{"statusCode": 404, "error": "Not Found", "message": "Unknown app want"}

Did you also change this id:

Now,I changed

error browser
{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Unknown app kibana"}

Now,I changed

But,results browser error

{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Unknown app kibana"}

Did you just reload the page while still having app/kibana in the URL? Please remove the path and go to http://<your instance>/app/want. Another possible issue is that you didn't change the default value of server.defaultRoute (which defaults to app/kibana).

There will be very likely numerous other issues that have to be fixed to make this work because you are doing substantial changes to a complex code base. This kind of request exceeds the level of help offered in this forum. For doing such deep changes to the product, you need an experienced Javascript developer to work out all of the issues.

If you feel like it should be a feature of Kibana itself, please open a feature request in the Github repository. If you have a subscription, another possible channel for your feature request is to open a support case for this.

where is server.defaultRoute in file ?

I changed ,url insert want ,reload page
error browser:

Kibana did not load properly. Check the server output for more information.