Kibana url with index attribute

In my Kibana URL i can see an attribute by name index : XXXXXXXXXXXX . In the below url the attribute I am talking about is : index:b9047cd0-a3e8-11e9-9bde-f13129c64e7c


I have two indices :

   `green  open .kibana              bprVShIzRJm04pdXw4-SfQ 1 0       33 3  67.6kb  67.6kb
yellow open filebeat-successlogs 1UfKzTzDSvihIqe_5Ws0BQ 5 1 17506325 0   4.8gb   4.8gb
yellow open filebeat-failurelogs mwjNf22oSxaTxLuZlqlQ6g 5 1       18 0 201.8kb 201.8kb`

How do I know which index is being referred to in the kibana URL ?

You need to look in the .kibana index and find the GUID of that index pattern. That is what you see in the URL.

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Thanks for your input.

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