Kibana user login security

I'm very new to ELK.

My kibana and elasticsearch version is 6.4.3

I added elasticsearch.username: and elasticsearch.password: in kibana.ymlfile. and i tried to add true in kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml file but kibana and elasticsearch is getting crashed/stopped.

crash/stopping not happened with username/password setting in kibana.yml,
crash/stopping happened only after adding xpack in kibana.yml.

please suggest how to add kibana user login.

Security for Elasticsearch is free from 6.8 and 7.1. Kindly upgrade to that version.

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i would like to know, is there any option to do user login in 6.4.3 version ?
is there any way to do in 6.4.3 version.?

My first preference is 6.4.3 as i already started working on it.

Sorry you can't do it. But it is rolling upgrade to 6.8.

Thank you very much, I could configure user authentication with user name and password in E*K-7.2

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