Kibana User with diferent GMT time

Ok guys this is very IMPORTANT !!!

I have my admin Space with my elastic superuser and I put this setting:

Advance Settings -> Timezone for date formatting = America/Belem

I the other Space (Supervisor space) that has the supervis user I put the same setting:

Advance Settings -> Timezone for date formatting = America/Belem

However, when the supervis login and generate a report csv, the timestamp comes in with the wrong Timezone (with +GMT 3). How can I fix that ?

Can you confirm your Kibana version, and from where you're generating the report? Searching through the forum and GitHub, I found a lot of (fixed) older reports of this issue:

Kibana and Elastic on the last version: 7.9.
I generate the reporting in discovery and download to my Excel.

My Machine Timestamp is correct, when I download the same reporting using my admin Space its looks like the correct timestamp, but with diferent user don't. But when I put kibana_adm Role to my user, the csv reporting look's correct. Why ?

In my Admin Space show the same

In the Superv show the same Timestamp UTC
but the reporting csv for the Superv space on User super comes with different GMT+3

clintandrewhall please watch the video that a I made, I reporting this issue. This is very serious, please take a very look special.

Please Watch this videos in my Github:


Steps for reproduction:

  1. I have two spaces (Admin and Super), with two logins (elastic and supervisor), with the supervisor only having read access and only to the Super space, he is a dashboard end-user.
  2. The reports inside DISCOVERY are downloaded in csv and for the admin user (elastic) the timestamp used comes in the timestamp format of America / Belem.
  3. When the Super user accesses the same report and does the download, the timestamp in the column does not come in the America / Belem format timestamp, but in the Browser. And it was not set in the Super space as a default.
  4. However, for some reason when I give kibana_admin permission to the supervising user, I will download the report and it will come in the timestamp format America / Belem.

Thank you, Samuel! I'll take a look and chat with some other folks in Kibana about what may be causing this. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience, Samuel.

We've been discussing this, and we're going to treat it as a bug for now. I've created an issue here:

Please add your comments, perhaps help me "fill in the blanks", so to speak, about what I may be missing. We're having a hard time reproducing it, as well. It would be helpful to know specifically how the spaces are configured, the specifics of the user roles, the index privileges, etc.

Two suggestions for a short-term mitigation were:

  1. Consider upgrading, if appropriate, or at least ensure you are running 7.9.3.
  2. Set the timezone to America/Belem for all of Kibana in your kibana.yml:

uiSettings.overrides.dateFormat:tz: "America/Belem"

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Feel free to comment again here, but your input on the Github issue will be very valuable.


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