Kibana Vega-lite Row & Column Encoding Channels doesn't support parent-child type field

(Guanghaofan) #1

hi, the vega-lite Row & Column Encoding Channels is able to support the nested type field, but the kibana vega does not.

  "$schema": "",
  "data": {
    "name": "temperature",
      "Name":"chevrolet chevelle malibu",
      "Origin":{"Country": "USA"}
      "Name":"buick skylark 320",
      "Origin":{"Country": "EU"}
  "mark": "bar",
  "encoding": {
    "x": {
      "bin": {"maxbins": 15},
      "field": "Horsepower",
      "type": "quantitative"
    "y": {"aggregate": "count", "type": "quantitative"},
    "row": {"field": "Origin.Country", "type": "nominal"}
  "config": {"axisY": {"minExtent": 30}}

and in the kibana vega, it shows error and can not access the field

after change to flat field, it works fine

BTW, the vega-lite tooltip also doesn't work in kibana-vega!

(Bill McConaghy) #2

These should be filed as issues in the Kibana github repository:

(Yuri Astrakhan) #3

This issue was resolved in

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