Kibana Vega Lite Tooltips

someone knows why tooltips, that appear using Vega-editor (see picture) , dont appear using Kibana editor for Vega?
is there any mistake in my graph specification or
is it a known limitation and there are plans to include this feature?


data: {
format: {property: "hits.hits"}
transform: [
{calculate: "datum._source.count", as: "count"}
{calculate: "datum._source.tipologia", as: "tipologia"}
{timeUnit: "yearmonthdatehours", field: "", as: "tempo"}
width: 1500
height: 950
layer: [
mark: bar
encoding: {
x: {aggregate: "sum", field: "count", type: "quantitative"}
y: {field: "tempo", type: "temporal"}
color: {field: "tipologia", type: "nominal"}

Hey, they should be supported. Can you share what your Kibana version is? In 6.4 an enhancement was made to use the tooltip plugin, but without the plugin (prior versions) there may be a delay before it shows up - issue filed at Without the plugin it's also going to depend on the browser's behavior, can you share which browser you're using?

Does hovering over the line for a few cause it to show up?

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