Kibana view "around log" of a line

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We are using Kibana with elastic and logstash for our product log view. It is easy to search the log lines. However, when we find a log line, normally we want to see its around logs (e.g. like you scroll up and down in the raw text file). This is quite difficult to do in Kibana. We must manually add the file name filter and the @timestamp around that line. Is there any suggestion to do this easily?


Kibana 4.5 release date
(Mark Walkom) #2

This is currently the only way to do what you want unfortunately.

However I raised this GH issue for a future enhancement.

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This is a common request and is already tracked in this issue. Unfortunately, we need some additional Elasticsearch support to accomplish what you're trying to do generically. Please +1 if this is important to you.

(Ranvijay Jamwal) #4

Really need this feature!

It will help me search production logs in a much better way.

Ranvijay Jamwal

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