Kibana Visual Filtering in React iFrame

Hello there,

I am a ELK stack learner and I am trying to develop an application that monitors network traffic. for PoC I have a Kibana dashboard as shown in the picture . Data is the Wireshark packet data that PC received and sent. I want to filter the count of packets with a filter button according to packet IPs. I can do that in Kibana GUI but, I couldnt find a way to do it with a dynamically changing filtering button in an external app. I want user to select IPs from a certain panel and just filter the graphics wrt IPs selected. What is the most proper way to achieve that?

Hi, there's a couple of things that may be of use to you:

  1. Create a Control visualization for the IP field and include that visualization in the dashboard
  2. Add an IP field filter in the dashboard, then you can see the value in the URL. Update this URL value outside of app to change the filter

I think I will go with the second option and have further questions about that. As you said, I added an IP filter and export the iframe code to use visual. How about adding additional filters dynamically to the URL other than IP. For example, type of the packet = ICMP. I was using a rison library that I found. But it does not work for 'some' of the graphics. Is my approach correct, should I focus more on debugging? Or should I try something else.

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