Kibana Visualise Request - Additional Grouping Options Required

The Split Bars option interferes with the Y Axis Grouping, there should be an option to organise them separately.

Case: Heartbeat TCP connection metrics, can stack different connection metrics by adding them to the Y axis to create a visual split of an overall connection duration, very useful:

e.g Y Axis containing both and averages stacked to show overall duration for each connection attempt:

But then if you desire to split the bars by the host name of the connections and have the different connection hosts grouped side-by-side, however there is only one "bar mode" option which will then group everything side-by-side including each Y-Axis value and so it destroys the value of the stacked the Y axis and makes the chart impossible to read as it doubles or triples (depending on how many Y axis values) the number of bars for each host:


Feature Requests:
a) to be able to stack or group Y Axis and the Bar Split separately.
b) to be able to create further Bar Sub-Grouping on a single chart visualised as a hierarchy of grouping.

GitHub is where we keep track of feature requests... could you add this there? Thanks!

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