Kibana Visualization count aggregation - CVSS scores

I've got a bunch of vulnerability data with CVSS scores. I'm trying to create a pie or vertical bar chart that groups ranges of CVSS scores into the following categories:

Rating CVSS Score
Low 0.1 - 3.9
Medium 4.0 - 6.9
High 7.0 - 8.9
Critical 9.0 - 10.0

I'm not sure how to go about this In a perfect world I'd have a chart with Low, Medium, High and Critical shown

Split the slices on a range aggregation. The only limitation currently I believe is you can not alias those ranges.



I can work with that idea..

Being able to Alias would be really nice, more so from the security side of the house. We could get around this if Kibana still had the "text box", but it sounds like we're kind of limited with options.

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