Kibana Visualization Data To Python


We currently have a visualization (table) in Kibana that displays success rates. Is it possible to retrieve the data from this table using python?

Hi @hi_xavier!

Yes, you can find the current visualization's query in Inspector UI and use it to fetch the same data via an Elastic search client.

Dec-05-2022 12-57-33

Hi @jughosta !
Thanks for the response! Does this method also return any metric calculations? After following the instructions and retrieving the request, I don't see any of my dashboard metric calculation formulas in the request body. For example my team is calculating Success Averages. I don't see this calculation in the request body.

No, that would not be found in the ES request as the formula is computed on the client side.

There is an existing enhancement request to have a programmatic way to download the datatable behind a visualization you can track here: [Reporting] Exporting raw data from table-based visualizations · Issue #30982 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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Understood. Thanks Marco !

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