Kibana Visualization Regex Exclusion issue

I'm trying to create a table that shows the top 5 source IPs, but only public IPs.

I notice there is an advanced section with "Exclude values" I turned on regex and put in the following regex.


However, the results don't change aftewards. Am I doing sometihng wrong?

Try with additional .*
(^127\..*)|(^10\..*) ...

Hi @turboz

no need to add the ^, something like that should work:


I tried removing the ^, but that didn't work. After some further research I didn't realize how limited Lucene is for regex...

So here is another working solution. Rios has a good one as well, see comment below on that. Either solution will provide the same result.


@Rios I did try a simlar regex to that, but you have to remove the ^ for it to work. Thanks for your contribution!

127\..* | ... | ...

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