Kibana visualization time range fails in 4.4.1

This time range fails in Kibana 4.4.1 while it worked in 4.1. What has changed?

log.start:[now-1d/d TO *]

This is meant to provide all events from yesterday to now. This does not produce any results in 4.4.1 but worked in 4.1.

Elasticsearch 2.2

Please help. Stuck :frowning:


Hi Eric,
I'm on a very recent Kibana 5.0 snapshot at the moment (I'll go back to 4.4.1 and try there too), but this works for me (my time filter is "Last 7 days" but with this query if I reverse sort my Time column it's only showing from yesterday at March 23rd 2016, 00:25:06.301 to now;

Or I can use the relative time range picker;