Kibana Visualization with final values

hi, i have some reports i want to visualize in kibana, the report is with final value like
title:"claim report"
now how can i visualize such a report without count or use any methods just show the value as they are?
is that possible ?

Document level queries are not supported in most of Kibana visualizations (eg. Kibana Canvas is an exception). Maybe you can devise a query that'll aggregate in a way that'll give you the proper data, ie. in this case, one bucket per document, using averaging or min / max which would, in case of one value in the bucket, just give you that result.

Thanks, i decided to push the raw data and analyze it in kibana, feel more natural, i have issue today i can see in the discover bar the data i push yesterday but not the data i push today, i can see the data in the dev tools tab, so the data indeed in es.
time frame: Last 5 years (much more than needed).
28,057 hits instead of 61000
any ideas ? :open_mouth:

Please check out this conversation for bucket count limitations on the ES side and metrics:max_buckets and other possible ceilings in this Kibana document to see if maybe you're running into a pertinent limitation. Alternatively, check if a more restricted set will always return with the exact expected results, to test if the hypothesis of result / visualization limits is correct.

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