Kibana Xpack User roles

Is there a way to create users and roles dynamically with the incoming data in kibana on the basis of field names ?
Or some specific file where i can add these users and roles apart from kibana UI.

Hi @Dhanashree,

It depends what your ultimate goal is, your description of the problem statement is too vague.

Just from what I understood, you want to create users and roles dynamically based on some incoming data and then provide them access to Kibana UI.

For Authentication and Authorization with X-Pack, Kibana depends on Elasticsearch X-Pack configuration.
You can see more details here:

Users and roles are managed by Elasticseach and for this you would need x-pack plugin installed.
You can use following APIs to manager users and roles on Elasticsearch.

Where you do this, would depend on how the data is brought into Elasticsearch.

Please let us know more in detail if you need more information.

Yogesh Gaikwad

Hi @Yogesh_Gaikwad
I am already using the xpack for creating users and roles.But my question is suppose i have a field a and i am getting live data so i will keep on getting different values for the field a. Now i want to create user and roles for a particular value of field a based on the live data how can i do that dynamically.

Hi @Dhanashree,

I think this is what you want document level security:
Please check your x-pack license for features as per, you need Platinum/Enterprise license to have field level, document level security.

Yogesh Gaikwad

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