Kibana3 and role based security?


I have a question regarding upgrading a old kibana 1 installation to kibana
3, but there is one of our business requirements which I am not sure how to
solve. In our organisation there is a requirement to filter log statements
based on the user accessing, this is mainly so people only get log
statements that pertain to the projects they are working on and to filter
out any statements which has business sensitive information.

In kibana 1 I have solved it by having each log source stamp a security tag
like "_" and then I use the role based auth based
branch so each user can only see log messages tagged with the values they
have been cleared for.

I am trying to figure out how to replicate something like this in kibana 3
but it doesn't have role based authentication out of the box.

I have found two possible approaches by googling, but I am not sure which
one is the way to go and I am missing some documentation on how to do it

The first approach is using
However it start out by saying nginx is not a suitable proxy, but doesn't
specify something else to use.

If this is the official solution, is there then some better documentation
like a how to guide or can someone in here provide some guidance ?

The second approach I have found is a rack
application, but it doesn't
look like to have been updated in a long time... Does anyone know if it
still works?

A side question, I see a kibana 4 beta has been released and it is back to
being server based instead of just HTML files.. Does kibana 4 address this
issue? will setting up role based security be easier with it? Does anyone
have a guide of how to do it with kibana 4 ?

Best regards
Henrik Lynggaard

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