Kibana8.8.0 error with 'guidedOnboarding'

hello :slight_smile:
I just installed Elasticsearch and Kibana. but I have some problem.

I opened Kibana web browser to get started.
And I input my enrollment token, username and password.
enrollment token, username and password were entered well.
But Kibana showed me an error Definition of plugin "guidedOnboarding" not found and may have failed to load.

I don't know what I should do...

Hi @jiwon,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for posting this issue. I'll try to find out what's going on.

In order to have more visibility into the problem, would you mind recording the Network activity in your browser using Developer Tools and sharing the HAR file with me?

Thank you!

Hi @jiwon,

I finally managed to replicate this locally.
It looks like a bug on Safari that was fixed in version 16.4.

If on iPad/iPhone, updating iOS should fix it.
If on macOS, either updating or using a different browser should fix it.

thank you so much for your help!!!

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