Kniffelig facet performance

Hi folks.

I am very wondering about facet performance.
I just added 10,000,000 docs and each doc has only two

When I queried as {"query":{"in":{"userId":["1000"]}}},
this was very fast and matched only 17 docs;

took: 3
timed_out: false
_shards: {
total: 5
successful: 5
failed: 0
hits: {
total: 17
max_score: 14.561651
hits: [
_index: music
_type: recomm
_id: FhFX708PTPK9bwmNsCWmXQ
_score: 14.561651
_source: {
userId: 1000
musicId: 16398

However when I queried again along with facet, this was so slow.

"size" : "0",

took: 129

In my opinion if facet is computed only on searched 17 docs(userId=1000),
this should be more fast than 129ms.

For more testing, I queried as "{
"facets":{"plays":{"terms":{"size":3,"field":"musicId"}}}}". If I
understand correctly, this query may access all docs. In practice, but,
there is no big difference with above facet.

took: 279

I think that this is not memory issue and not cache issue because all of
docs size is under 50mb.

What I am missing? Please give me some advice.
Thanks for reading.

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