Known issue, insert data loss for Elastic search

(Mrinalkamboj) #1

Are there known issues, which need a pre-emptive remedial, to avoid loss of data, as suggested in following links:

Issue-12314, which can lead to, Issue-7572, the same behavior is also documented here

Challenge remains closure of Transport layer even when indexing is on, so even if the end user thinks that is already there in Elastic search but a node going down can lead to loss of data

(Thiago Souza) #2

These are all rather old issues. I am not sure about what happened to issue 12314, as it is still opened, but the referred issue 7572 is closed and already addressed.

Nowadays it is highly unlikely to incur in data loss if it's not caused by human error and/or hardware failure. You can see more about elasticsearch resiliency here

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