KPI for data comparison in Kibana


I'm using Kibana 6.8.21, I have created dashboard regarding users Mailbox usage and corresponding carbon emission over time (with following KPIs for instance: number of sent and received emails per day…).

The goal of the report is to show Mailbox consumption and carbon emission over time for users, and to define target for them to decrease consumption (for instance, by 10%).

I need to create chart, which will show target achievement for each user. Can you help me with it?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Vasili

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That version of Kibana is pretty old and no longer supported.

In newer versions of Kibana there's the Lens editor for chart which supports formulas and reference lines (like "line" targets) which might be useful to achieve what you are looking for.

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Thank you Marco for your response. Can you tell me if in this version it's possible to achieve?

And should I update this version directly with the latest one, or are there intermediate steps needed?

Thank you once again.

The only thing it comes to mind is to use the TSVB editor in 6.8 as explained in this post: How to display data as a percentage in Kibana visualizations | Elastic Blog

As for upgrade, I think you have to upgrade to 7.x first, then go to latest 8.x.

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