Kronos API | Can I unlock an account using the Kronos API?

How can I unlock a locked account using the Kronos API?

I have checked the Timekeeping - Developer’s Toolkit API Reference Guide, and was not able to find anything for the following keywords: disable, locked, locked account, update account etc. specific to unlocking the account.

I am able to reset the password, but that is not enough to unlock an account.

All I am looking for is a xml code or a documentation that can help me solve my problem or a different method to unlock an account besides the standard procedure.

Please let me know if more information is required.

The ability to unlock a user's account that has been persistently locked relies on resetting the inetUserStatus attribute to Active. When a user is persistently locked out, their user status (the inetUserStatus attribute) is changed to Inactive in the user store (both the attribute and status value are configurable).

See the Unlocking a user's account (physical lockout) section for details on unlocking a user's account using the REST API.
We have a large number of users "forget" their password, and I would like to create a tool to enable them to unlock & reset their accounts based on their authenticated AD logged in user for kronos. I don't see an option in the API to reset an employee password unless the API is logged in as that user, which isn't possible if they don't know their password.

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This has nothing to do with Elasticsearch or the rest of the Elastic Stack, so I am not sure how we can help here sorry.

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