Kubernetes Autodiscovery

Hi @jsoriano,

Below topic suggests add_kubernetes_metadata is enabled by default if using hints-based autodiscover as mentioned in below reference configuration.


My filebeat config autodiscover part is like this:

        - type: kubernetes
          hints.enabled: true
          include_annotations: ["artifact.spinnaker.io/name","ad.datadoghq.com/tags"]
            - condition:
                  kubernetes.namespace: myapp

where I have hints.enabled: true, skipped hints.default_config and have templates.

I'm using v7.9.0

Will add_kubernetes_metadata by default enabled in the above configuration as I have skipped hints.default_config and used templates ?

Hey @xyz7, welcome to discuss :slight_smile:

It is not exactly that add_kubernetes_metadata is enabled when using hints-based autodiscover. When using hints-based autodiscover, Beats will include in events the same metadata that would be included by this processor, but only for events of configurations generated from hints.

Functionally this is indeed similar to using add_kubernetes_metadata, but enrichment done by hints-based autodiscover is generally more optimal in resources.

It won't be enabled. Enrichment will only be done for configurations generated from hints, but won't happen for the configurations generated from templates.

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