Kubernetes elasticsearch operator not scaling down


I'm trying the kubernetes elasticsearch operator, and I have defined an EDS with the following scaling attributes:

     enabled: true
     minReplicas: 1
     maxReplicas: 4
     minIndexReplicas: 0
     maxIndexReplicas: 2
     minShardsPerNode: 10
     maxShardsPerNode: 20
     scaleUpCPUBoundary: 75
     scaleUpCooldownSeconds: 240
     scaleUpThresholdDurationSeconds: 180
     scaleDownCPUBoundary: 50
     scaleDownCooldownSeconds: 120
     scaleDownThresholdDurationSeconds: 30
     diskUsagePercentScaledownWatermark: 75

The cluster starts with one data node, and if I create an index like this:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/demo-index -HContent-type:application/json -d '{"settings": {"index": { "number_of_shards":11, "number_of_replicas":2}}}'

The operator creates another node. So far so good. But if I delete the index (thus removing the need for two data nodes), the operator does not scale down automatically. If I modify minimally the EDS yaml and apply it to kubernetes, the operator immediately scales down, so probably I'm missing some configuration here. I thought that the setting was "scaleDownThresholDurationSeconds" but it does not seem to work.

What am I missing here? Is it not supposed to scale down automatically in this case?

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