Kubernetes element(s) not showing in available fields

Hi all
I am currently attempting to create saved search in Kibana - based upon Kubernetes logs.
i am trying to display the "kubernetes.node.cpu.usage.core.ns" value in the Available Fields section - however it is not available.
It is displaying in the filters area if I type there, but not in Available Fields (Field Name) section.
This link suggests that the element should be available.

Any ideas as to why it is not displayed?
Using Kibana 7.2


Am guessing the mapping of the fields is incorrect. You can check this yourself by looking at the mapping in Dev Tools Console:

GET my_index/my_type/_mapping/field/Name

It kind of depends on your mapping inside Elasticsearch, but in general the field counts that show up in Discover are only for the 500 first results that Discover pulls up, and not for all of the data inside Elasticsearch. What is your mapping for kubernetes and its subfields?


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