[Kubernetes Integration] Custom ingest pipeline for subset of k8s cluster's container's logs

I'm using the Kubernetes Integration managed via fleet to collect container logs from my k8s cluster. At the moment, logs from all containers are passed through the same pipeline by means of the integration.

I have a new ingest pipeline that I would like to use for only some of my containers' logs, and I would like to exclude these logs from the default pipeline - is there a way that this can be achieved?

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Which integration?

Is it your custom pipeline or one of the OOTB integrations?

If it a pipeline you wrote you can create a top level pipeline which call the other pipelines based on condition, see here for an example

The Kubernetes integration -> Kubernetes | Elastic docs

I think conditional pipeline references might be exactly what I'm looking for, thank you! Will try it first and mark as solution if it works.

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