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Does elastic apm supports out of box trace a service mesh with istio in kubernetes environment?

We have done some investigation. It is possible to implement an Istio Mixer adapter that would export trace data to Elastic APM, but there are currently some limitations around trace header propagation. Once W3C Trace-Context is supported by Envoy, which underlies Istio, it should be more practical.

TL;DR: it's on our radar :slight_smile:

It would be great to hear a bit about what you would expect from Istio integration, particularly what you would expect to gain by tracing at the mesh level vs. your applications. Bear in mind that your application would still need to propagate the distributed tracing headers: https://istio.io/docs/tasks/telemetry/distributed-tracing/overview/.

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Excat I wanted to know :slight_smile:

Sure. Even the meshing has it's boundary :smiley:

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