Kubernetes module


I hope you guys are doing well!

I am running ELK stack on kubernetes, along with metricbeat.
I am using Kubernetes module to get relevant data regarding the pods performance.
Everything is working as expected.
The metricsets I am relying on are pod, state_pod, state_statefulset .....
I was wondering if there's a way to get the type/name of the deployment in the same document generated by the metricset pod :slight_smile.

So let's say for example, thanks to "pod" metricset I get these fields in the same document:

"kubernetes.pod.name" : "pod-klk23"
"kubernetes.pod.memory.available.bytes" : 900Mb

-> Is there a way to include something like "kuberntes.pod.deployment.type" (which takes as value statefulset or deployment or daemonset) or "kubernetes.pod.deployment.name" (which takes for example "kibana" as a value) ?

-> I thought about using processors, but I didn't find something that could help.

I appreciate your help.

Kind Regards

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