Kubernetes.node.status.* metrics not available for alerting

Hello, i am using metricbeat in kubernetes with next config

    - module: kubernetes
        - node
        - system
        - pod
        - container
        - volume
      period: 10s
      host: ${NODE_NAME}
      hosts: ["https://${NODE_NAME}:10250"]
      bearer_token_file: /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount/token

In kibana i see data which reported by this module. And i want to build alert using kubernetes node metrics Kubernetes fields | Metricbeat Reference [8.6] | Elastic especially kubernetes.node.status.ready

But when i want to create alert using this metrics, it is not available

Also if am checking this metric Infrastructure/Explorer it show me empty graph

Any advice how can i build alert based on kubernetes.node.status.ready metrics

Hello @Maksym_Postument

I think that this thread might be similar to what you are trying to achieve. Related PR was merged and this filtering should be available in version 8.6 for Index threshold rule type.

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Thank you Tetiana. I looked at thread which you shared. It is look similar, but my field is not boolean type, but keyword. Which may have one of following values true, false or unknown.

I found this thread which looks exactly like my issue. Trying to solution from it

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