Kibana alert on boolean field possible?


I would like to know if kibana alerts ( can somehow handle boolean fields.

I have an index pattern with a field "error_signal" as boolean and would like to create an kibana alert on it. As far as I read before, I thought the index threshold alert would be the solution, but I can not filter there for

if "error_signal" : true

like I can do it in my usual queries.

Is there a solution to it (with the basic license)?

Currently alerts don't yet support filtering, however this is a feature we are working toward. You can follow along with the Github issue if you are interested:

There are also plans to eventually bring alerts to Discover, which would provide the same type of functionality -- allowing you to create an alert based on your current view of Discover, including filters. The issue to follow for that is

Thanks! I hope we will see the feature soon.

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