Kibana: how to set up alerts on a boolean field


I have a dataset that contains fields pertaining to a specific optical transport device.

My dataset:

"slot": "LM-1",
"source": "",
"timestamp": 1668113939,
"serial_no": "xxxxxxxx",
"hardware_version": "001",
"empty": false,
"mfg_name": "vendor",
"parent": "SLOT-1",

I want to set up an alert to send me all this info when empty changes its value to true.

Is this possible with Kibana?

Thank you.

Hi @mohsin106,

Yes, it's possible to define alerts via Kibana: Stack Management > Rules page. "Elasticsearch query" rule type can work for your use case.

Another option would be to define a Watcher and you will be able to access documents via ctx.payload.hits in actions configuration.

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