Kubernetes or VM?

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Hi !

I would like to understand the pros / cons of deploying Elasticsearch on Kubernetes or VMs ?

many thanks !! : )


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There are lots of options to deploy elastic search. The fastest way is obviously just buy the service from one of the many providers e.g. Amazon or elastic themselves. If you are starting off you should just do this.

Long term if you want the work involved in managing elasticsearch and your organisation has invested in kubernetes, rancher, Docker swarm, or openshift etc then obviously that means you have to worry about less things - and you can focus on elasticsearch.

However if your organisation has not then installing elastic on VMs is pretty easy. It just means you need to worry about the OS as well.

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Hi @Johnnycc1,

Thanks for your answer, we're thinking staying on GCP to host our cluster. I was hoping my question would help me understand the difference between using K8S and VM deployment,
From what I've researched so far, people mainly refer to VM deployment as easier to deploy and the K8s as quite new,
However, in term of auto-scaling and maintenance, we're wondering whether it would worth it to pick the K8s deployment.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

Could we say that:
VM : easiest way to setup
K8s : better performance for scaling, maintenance and at the end cheaper ?

Many thanks

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Yep I would generally agree with the below

However setting up anything greater than a three node VM cluster starts to get hard to manage. You'll end up using ansible, puppet or something similar - which is not to bad - but easier to just hit scale on your containers. The counter balance is you get full control to optimise the hardware and OS.

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