Kuromoji analyzer plugin together with search analyzer synonyms


We're in the process of making use of synonyms with search analyzers.

We have analyzers for each language. These are almost the same, but using different stemmers for each analyzer. The creation of Analyzers and Search Analyzers looks something like this.

return descriptor
    .Custom($"{language}_analyzer", analyzer => analyzer
        .Filters("asciifolding", "lowercase", $"{language}_stemmer"))

    .Custom($"{language}_search_analyzer", analyzer => analyzer
        .Filters("asciifolding", "lowercase", "synonym", $"{language}_stemmer"));

As you can see the Search analyzer has a synonym filter.

Now this works fine, but for japanese we use the Kuromoji plugin - which comes with it's own analyzer.

How could I go about "injecting" the synonyms into this analyzer - or is it possible to get a kuromoji stemmer filter?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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