KV filter: Detect malformed messages


I have incoming messages with the format:
key1=5 key2='value 2' key3=value
(many values, dynamic)

...and I'm using the KV filter to extract the key value pairs, which works as expected.

Now I also have incoming messages which are standard text messages and I want to detect these in Logstash. Do you have any hint how I can achieve this (ruby, regex)?

Use a regex conditional block to apply a the KV section and the regular text gets processed in the else block.

if [message] =~ /(\w+=(("\w+\s+(\w+)?")|('\w+\s+(\w+)?')|\w+)\s){2,}/ {
  # must have at least 2 KV like sections
} else {
  # might have one section that looks like KV but is not

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