Labeling elastic nodes by API?

Hi, can the following attribute be set by API with 5.6.x?


Or only through the elastisearch.yml config?

It has to be done via the config file.

Thank. Can it be done by ENV variable?

Environment variables can be referenced in the config.
See for details and an example

Sorry for confusion. Can it be configured by ENV variable not referenced. I.e: Can node.attr.box_type be set as from ENV variable like some others?

And by that I mean NODE_ATTR_BOX_TYPE

Also if I'm not mistaken it seems that we can pass values to for these configs directly as environment variables. At least it seems so reading the docker docs of Elasticsearch.

Btw is there a central doc that describes all the config attributes and if they can be configured by file, environment variable, if they are transient or persistent. So far it's scatered through out the docs...

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