Large cluster on vm vs bare metal

What would be better run on vm or on bare metal?

metricbeat getting large set of data, about billion document a day, 100+ gig data,
data will be feed by three logstash

spec I was making was 8 data node, three master and three logstash. data node with ssd or nvme.
will that better or spinning up vms.

nothing on cloud all local.

What do you have budget for?

yes I have some money for it
this is what I was thinking dell sever with nvme 2TB for 8 data node.
master don't need anything small systems.
logstash no storage but same hardware as datanode

Will that better or buying three/five loaded systems and spin up docker on it? I am only talking about performance wise which one is better?

Bare metal is usually more performant.

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