Large CSV export issue

Hi Friends,

we are using ELK 7.9 version. We are having problem with CSV export of "Saved search" through our Dashboard, it got hanged if size of CSV gets more than 150 MB nevertheless we are able to export csv when we are exporting saved search from discover (not a dashboard widget).
kibana.yml parameters

server.maxPayloadBytes: 10485760
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 3600000
xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 400000000
elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 30000000
xpack.reporting.csv.scroll.size: 1500
xpack.reporting.csv.scroll.duration: 8m
kibana.autocompleteTimeout: 1000000
kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter: 100000000

Have you tried the debugging steps indicated in our Reporting troubleshooting?

What error message are you seeing, exactly?

How much memory does Kibana have access to, is it the default 1Gb?

Hi Wylie Conlon,

Thanks for your reply.

when csv download start it says " your csv download will start momentarily" while after 6 minutes it came up with msg "we couldnot download csv this time.

kibana memory allocation is 4GB (4096 MB).

Moreover when we put limit on csv size for say 100 MB csv downloads successfully with partial data with in applied limit of 100 MB but when we exceed this limit to 200 MB it stuck up processing and failed as stated before.

Are you sure that Kibana has access to the full 4Gb of memory? There is a node setting that you may need to configure:

Yes Wylie,

we have it configured, see screenshot.

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