Large dataset: No node exception

I am running Elasticsearch 5.4.1 with a java client(1.8) which uses the API to make Elasticsearch calls. It is on a Mac. I have a large number of documents which I have to search on / insert/ and merge on. (~ 8000 documents)

I get this exception

None of the configured nodes are available: [{#transport#-1}{gNzkHZmURzaabE336I-T4w}{localhost}{}]

The thing is, it works with a smaller number of entries (e.g. 4000 documents). So the connection seems to be going down for some reason? Should I allocate more memory/ use more nodes to it? Is there some weird garbage collection going on?

According to the activity monitor for the Mac, memory pressure is fine.

You should use the Rest Client instead.
What happens if you run the same query from the Kibana dev console?

May be you have too big documents?

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