Large Mapping of non-indexed fields vs singe non-indexed field with type object

I am just curious if you think performance would be drastically different for this scenario.

Having a mapping with 100's of non-indexed fields within a large multi-dimensional Map Object that stores data that will be used in a script, and never searched (therefore non-indexed).
Having a single field in the mapping with type Object that stores what would be the same exact multi-dimensional Map Object ?

The thing is, retrieving these documents, i'd want to use the data that is within the object that is either mapped, or a single Map object, so it would probably be easier if it was just mapped to be able to retrieve parts of the data during doc retrieval, instead of having to retrieve the whole object everytime i want to get some of the data.
I probably answered my own question, but maybe the community has a different take on it?

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