Large _snapshot directories on disk


A month ago i tested the source only snapshot (S3 repo with ES 7.4.1). At the end i decided not to use it but now i have large _snapshot directories on my disk. They use about 25% of my disk space.

[root@es01 0]# du -skh *
19G     index
6.1G    _snapshot
12K     _state
12K     translog

I think they are temp directories for the source only snapshot? Are those directories automatically removed by elastic or can i remove them myself without breaking anything?

Hi @rick1933 I briefly investigated this issue and it seems we have a bug there. I opened to track and fix it.
If you aren't going to use the source only snapshots feature for now it should be safe to delete this directory as a workaround for the time being.
That said, I would still recommend to take a normal snapshot before doing that kind of manual operation on your node's data directories just to be on the safe side.

Thank you for your investigation, i will delete the directories after my weekly snapshot.

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