Large terms query slow

(Troy Collinsworth) #1

Is there some mechanism to pass large filter lists at query time?

We found that we can send 35K boolean clauses in Solr and return results in under 1 sec.
We're trying to move our search to elasticsearch, but a terms query with far less 100s of values is already too slow in the 3 sec range.
We need to send large lists of filter IDs for entitlements. Our use case requires this because the lists vary substantially by organization and groups and even users, so there aren't static logical groups that could be used. It would require reindexing large full text documents every time they change.
Since both elasticsearch and Solr use Lucene we expected the performance to be comparable, but it isn't even close.

(Nik Everett) #2

Maybe fixed by

thought is it hard to say without looking at something like hot_threads.

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