Latency Spike now and then even though the query is simple

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recently i am suffered with this problem while i am using an index and here is a summary of this index
ES: 5.5.2
docs: ~1 billion
shards: 3
indexing rate: < 100 TPS
structure: simple, long/keyword/date
query: simple, 99.99% just do a terms query on _id, and here is an template example


    "size": {{size}}{{^size}}300{{/size}},
    "query": {
        "bool": {
            "filter": [{
                    "terms": {
                        "_id": {{#toJson}}array.list{{/toJson}}
                {"script": {
                  "script": {
                    "lang": "painless",
                    "params": {
                        "now": {{now}}{{^now}}null{{/now}}
                    "inline": "def now =; if (now == null) { def d = new Date(); now = d.getTime(); } now+=28800000; return doc['time_from'].value > now && doc['status'].value==1;"


i already noticed that there is a question on this topic( Latency spike after big merge), however mine is a little bit different. because i do want to have a range query to avoid this problem, but the result still make me upset, the latency spike still happened.

the result is:
99% of the queries return within 5ms however still some latency queries return at around 200 ~ 1000 ms. the only suspect i guess is still related with the lucene merges.

do you think so ?

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somebody could give a hint ?

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