Latest known value of a metric

Hi, i have a dashboard where i want to show a metric, that metric is collected every hour, the configuration is:

Metric Aggregation: Top Hit
Field: your_field
Aggregate with: concatenate
Size: 1
Sort on: @timestamp
Order: Descending

it works fine when the date filter i select a range greater than 1hr, however when i select for instance las 15min i dont get any data. Is there some way to make the metric to ignore the date filter and show the last known value and show date of that value?


If your metric is only collected hourly, a shorter value for the date range would often not contain a collected item. You will get the last known value for any range > 1 hour (unless the collector isn't working)

Would it be possible to collect the metric more frequently?

Thanks Len for the reply, i can get the metric more frequently but as it changes only a couple of times a day i would overload the system collecting the metric more often.


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