Latest LS X-Pack still using a deprecated feature

LS & X-Pack are home based product. So why are they still using deprecated feature in 6.2.4?

[2018-04-20T13:32:52,331][WARN ][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] You are using a deprecated config setting "document_type" set in elasticsearch. Deprecated settings will continue to work, but are scheduled for removal from logstash in the future. Document types are being deprecated in Elasticsearch 6.0, and removed entirely in 7.0. You should avoid this feature If you have any questions about this, please visit the #logstash channel on freenode irc. {:name=>"document_type", :plugin=><LogStash::Outputs::ElasticSearch hosts=>[http://localhost:9200], bulk_path=>"/_xpack/monitoring/_bulk?system_id=logstash&system_api_version=2&interval=1s", manage_template=>false, document_type=>"%{[@metadata][document_type]}", sniffing=>false, id=>"8e126056909147d749c2e21d4df5a526c2b41da050e1288d2a23c33a59fd672b", enable_metric=>true, codec=><LogStash::Codecs::Plain id=>"plain_433d10d3-7093-4e17-800a-8db8cedb07c0", enable_metric=>true, charset=>"UTF-8">, workers=>1, template_name=>"logstash", template_overwrite=>false, doc_as_upsert=>false, script_type=>"inline", script_lang=>"painless", script_var_name=>"event", scripted_upsert=>false, retry_initial_interval=>2, retry_max_interval=>64, retry_on_conflict=>1, action=>"index", ssl_certificate_verification=>true, sniffing_delay=>5, timeout=>60, pool_max=>1000, pool_max_per_route=>100, resurrect_delay=>5, validate_after_inactivity=>10000, http_compression=>false>}

Here's a post about it, but it newer receive an answer:
Continuing the discussion from Logstash X-Pack is using deprecated feature:


This is just WARN logging. This is so you are made aware in the next major it will be completely removed.

Thanks for the explanation, but I know what deprecated means.

And this was not my question. My question was, how that this has not been fixed, because 6.x.x. is there for some time already.

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Document type is deprecated but not completely removed. It will be removed in the next release.
This is not something to be immediately fixed, this gives space and time for users to migrate.

Again I agree.
But that's for users, and X-Pack is from same vendor as ES and not some user.

I'm just unhappy because this is a deprecation warning, that I cannot fix.

But ok, lets not go further or we will dig to deep. :slightly_smiling_face:


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