Latest released version (v7.9.1) python environment fails

When using the latest pinned version (as everyone should be doing in production) the python-dev makefile target fails with setuptools errors

    ImportError: cannot import name 'Feature' from 'setuptools' (/private/tmp/foo/lib/python3.8/site-packages/setuptools/

You can recreate this problem by cloning the repo, checking out v7.9.1 and running

python -m venv myenv
myenv/bin/pip install -r /path/to/beat/libbeat/tests/system/requirements.txt

It appears that this has been fixed on the master branch but the entire python environment seems to have been updated so it's hard to pinpoint exactly which change will fix this as a patch.

The build environment for beats is really, really complicated. Why are there not CI tests for the current release? Is v7.9.1 the current release?

If anyone else needs to get past this problem you can hand-edit libbeat/tests/system/requirements.txt in your modcache and update Markupsafe to 1.1.1

Here's the relevant issue:

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