Latin characters in couchdb

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Hi All,

I have latin characters in my couchdb.
I used river plugin to index my couchdb unfortunately latin characters get
changed in the search result.

Please help me out to get latin characters in search result.

I tried to use asciifolding but it didn't work for me.

sample couch doc: abs äääää Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß

In search result i get as "text":"abs äääää � Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø
Ù Ú Û Ü � Þ ß"

Thanks in advance.
Pulkit Agrawal

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