Launch Kibana in a Java VM as a Servlet


I´d like to know whether is possible to launch Kibana inside a Java VM as a servlet (along with its servlet mapping)

For instance, I have a Spring Boot application where I can register the H2 Console Servlet:

ServletRegistrationBean h2servletRegistration(){
ServletRegistrationBean registrationBean = new ServletRegistrationBean( new WebServlet());
return registrationBean;

Is there an ES equivalent to WebServlet I could instantiate in order to launch Kibana?


Kibana is a separate project from Elasticsearch and does not run on the JVM. It has it's own server which you can run by following these directions:

Kibana4 run on node.js and come with its own node server binary.

Thanks, I thought it was a Java application as well.
@tinle, thanks too!

Apache Karaf Decanter runs Kibana in a JVM, I saved a mental note to check this out when I get to that stage of my project, but I suspect t's Kibana 3 anyways:|org.apache.karaf.decanter|org.apache.karaf.decanter.kibana|1.0.0|bundle