Launching tests in qa/smoke-test-reindex-with-all-modules

I want to launch tests from the next YAML file qa/smoke-test-reindex-with-all-modules/src/test/resources/rest-api-spec/test/update_by_query/10_script.yml.
I tried to do so by launching one of the following commands:

gradle test -Dtests.class=org.elasticsearch.smoketest.SmokeTestReindexWithPainlessClientYamlTestSuiteIT --stacktrace


gradle :distribution:integ-test-zip:integTest -Dtests.class="org.elasticsearch.smoketest.SmokeTestReindexWithPainlessClientYamlTestSuiteIT" --stacktrace

In both cases I have the next error: There were no executed tests: 0 suites, 0 tests

Can anyone please suggest the right way to run these tests?

Since that test is in a different package you have to launch it with something like gradle qa:smoke-test-reindex-with-all-modules:check. That'll run all the tests in that project but there really aren't that many so it shouldn't take too long.

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