Layered donut makes webapp suffer

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I had a prevoius post in "Kibana eating up Chrome" and would like to link to this post, but it does not seem possible.

We found out by analyzing the issue in Kibana 6.2.1 that the layered donut could be the origin of the problem. Whenever we build a 3 og 4 lyered donut ob just a very small dataset, the webapp uses unreasonable amount of processor and ram. With a little more data than the appr. 2K documents, the webapp stops responding.


I just created this Pie Chart on the latest 6.2.2 release and its loading quite fast;

Can you look at the statistics and show them here?

Also can you describe the types of aggregations you're doing in it? Mine were all Terms aggregations.


Correction to this post: we tested on Kibana 6.1.2 and not 6.2.1

Well, my donut is more of a 100-100-100-100 rather than the 5-5-5-5 that you build in the test. In reality less would do, but thats the definition. In full screen it makes sense in Kibana 5.6.4.
As complarison Kibana 5 does the trick with "endless" layers and buckets and also lightning fast. We found that Kibana 6.1.2 worked with very small donuts like yours, but then still noticeably slow.

We currently scrapped Kibana 6.1.2 because of this issue, so I can not test it myself at the moment, but we will test the new 6.2.2 asap to see if there is any change.

Question: what has been fundamentally changed since the donuts act so differently from 5 to 6?

Similar issue to report - small data set, layered donut, and the 3rd layer already slows things significantly, while layer 4 is completely halting the UI. It must be doing recursion calculations, but I would expect the slowness to be detached from the UI, and as mentnioned by the original poster - a small dataset is being used, and still it's performing badly. FYI.

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I discussed this with the Visualization functional group in the Kibana team and they said there was a performance issue that was fixed in 6.2.0. If you can, please try to compare (the latest release is 6.2.2).


Sounds great, we will test as soon as possible!

We tested this in 6.2.2 and the problem related to the rendering has now gone away. So far so good...
There still are challenges, but I will open a new issue for this.

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