Learning to use Topbeat

Dear All,

I am new to Topbeat and looking forward to learn it to monitor the system and its components. I have installed it on Windows and able to start it using Windows power shell but not able to move forward. If you please help me getting setup from scratch then it would be better for me.

What does not being able to move forward mean? Have you followed the getting started guide? Which outputs have you configured?


Many thanks for such prompt reply. I haven't configure any thing yet. Just running in circle. Could you please guide me. How can I monitor means how to setup the monitoring in my system.

I would recommend following the getting started guide. This provides links to installing and setting up Elasticsearch and Kibana, which are used in the guide, as well as information about how to configure TopBeat.


I have installed elastic search and Kibana on my machine and able to see the GUI of both elastic search and Kibana. Now I want to integrate Topbeat with Kibana and elasticsearch. Could you please help me on the same.

The details on how to setup Topbeat and feed the data into Elasticsearch can be found here in the Getting Started Guide: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/topbeat/current/topbeat-getting-started.html#topbeat-installation

Thanks Ruflin.

Could you please guide how to insert template in elastic search on windows machine. From tutorial, what I can see only for Linux & mac.

There is an open issue for adding Windows commands to the guide. In the meantime see the link below for an example of how to install a template from PowerShell.